SharePeople who are suffering from acne

SharePeople who are suffering from acne


People who are suffering from acne face more than one concern. Aside from the irritation of the acne itself, acne scars and lesions may also occur. Acne scars are more irritating than acne because acne scars will be there for the rest of your life while acne is only a temporary situation.

Most of the acne scars fade away slowly but some acne resists removal. The only way to remove them is using different kinds of treatments for getting rid of these scars.

First is Collagen injection. Collagen or fat will be injected under the skin to remove the scar. This method is appropriate for soft scars even if they are deep or shallow. You have to remember that this kind of method is not permanent you have to be injected every six months. It also produces side effects and allergic reactions.

Second is Microdermbrasion. It is a scar treatment wherein tiny particles are passed with use of a vacuum tool to scrape the top layer of the skin. This treatment is only effective in mild scars.

Third is Laser Resurfacing. It is a treatment that uses laser to flatten and resurface the skin layer. The scar will not be removed permanently but it will become less noticeable because it will be more even with the skin. This treatment is more effective in new formed scars than old ones. This treatment also has side effects like reddening of the skin and sometimes it also causes infection.

Fourth is Punch Grafting. It is a technique wherein the scar will be sliced from the skin and a skin graft will be stitch in the part where the acne scar is removed.

You must remember that scars have different types and they must be treated differently. It is better if you will consult a doctor before doing the treatment.

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